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We are a fragrance free clinic

Please refrain from wearing any products that create a scent or odour while in the clinic

i.e. perfume, cologne, essential oils, scented shampoos, lotion, etc

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About OSMC

Oakville Sports Medicine Centre (OSMC) employs Practitioners Trained in manual skills such as Athletic Therapy, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. We have specific experience in treating elite athletes as well as clients who wish to return to an active lifestyle.


Clients seeking treatment are assessed through a whole body and individual sport approach, with the therapist looking at the cause of injury, the postural and mechanical obstacles inhibiting recovery and the specific demands of the client’s sport/activity.


Our expertise in sport specific and cross training principles allows the Practitioners to design pre-surgery treatment and conditioning, along with rehabilitation protocols to address each client’s needs. Our whole body approach, using a sports medicine protocol model and manual skills have helped our clients achieve their goals of recovery where other facilities have failed.

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